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・Customer and Target Region: SK&Y Associates provides services for the secondary aircraft market, to various range of the aircraft owners such as:

 ・Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers
 ・Financial Institutions
 ・Leasing Companies
 ・Private investors
・ the Maintenance-oriented Organizations
 (i.e. Spare Parts Suppliers; MRO Provider
 ・the Managed Funds

・Target Region: SK&Y Associates offers its services on a GLOBAL basis.

・Target Aircraft and the related Products: SK&Y Associates is not restricted by any type of aircraft.

・Aircraft Manufacturer:  Airbus; Boeing; McDonnell Douglas;
Bombardier; Embraer, etc.
・Engine Manufacturer:
General Electric; Pratt & Whitney;
Rolls Royce; CFMI; IAE, etc.
・Size: Narrowbody; Medium; Widebody;
Regional Jet
・ Configuration: Passenger; Freighter
・Age: Younger; Older

SK&Y Associates also provides the same quality services for acquisition and disposition of Engines, Flight Simulators and other aviation related products.