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SK&Y Associates provides its services in comprehensive programs, covering the following broad areas;

・ Market Analysis and Research
・ Aircraft Remarketing
・ Origination of Transaction

Transaction Management
Technical Support
Aviation Consultancy  

・Market Analysis and Research (Setting Strategy)
At the beginning of a project, SK&Y Associates provides the aircraft owner (the “Customer”), with the Market Analysis of the current market situation and trends of the subject aircraft type, including any trade value in then- current market, based on the Research of the current and future best potentiality, together with any external competition (fleet planning of other operators); so that the Customer can efficiently overview the market environment and set the Strategy and the Remarketing Scenarios in priorities for the Aircraft Remarketing.

・Aircraft Remarketing (Creating the Market)
SK&Y Associates, on behalf of the Customer, shall conduct the campaign to remarket the Aircraft for such opportunities such as Sale; Lease; Sale & Lease-Back and so forth, by making the best use of its worldwide network and connections in the aviation industry.

As the (interim) result of such remarketing activity, SK&Y Associates shall present to the Customer from time to time, the material of plural opportunities (preliminarily negotiated with any potential aircraft customers) so that the Customer can make a choice. The only thing for the Customer to do is Making Decision on an opportunity, which may best suit its situation/ requirement at a time.

・Origination of Transaction (Turn-Key Execution)
A quality deal needs skilled negotiation ability and detailed knowledge of Legal, Accounting and Technical issues. SK&Y Associates has the experience to negotiate the commercial terms and conditions on behalf of the Customer and produce the transaction documents (i.e. Term Sheet, Letter of Intent, the Definitive Agreement) for various types of transaction. The only thing for the Customer to do is signing such contracts.

・Transaction Management (Contract; Aircraft Delivery)
SK&Y Associates manages the transaction on behalf of the Customer, supervising the Contract execution (i.e. production of the legal paperwork; management of the payment transactions).

And, importantly, SK&Y Associates manages the Aircraft Delivery, with using the excellent all round knowledge of the engineering and technical issues, for the smooth aircraft acceptance by buyer/lessee, so it ultimately ensures the project will achieve its goal for the Customer.

・Technical Support
Upon request of the Customer, SK&Y Associates can coordinate the various professional technical inputs required to manage a successful transaction: aircraft engineering; aircraft mechanics (i.e. FAA Licensed A&P); aircraft documentation; airworthiness regulations (i.e.  FAA; EASA etc.). Each of these can be procured and dispatched onsite with the aircraft, on an “as- required” basis.

・Aviation Consultancy
For any parties who are new to the business i.e. start-up airlines, investors, SK&Y Associates shall provide the consultancy and advisory services for analyzing, structuring and execution of transactions.